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Expert Witnesses in DUI Cases

Posted by Robert Berglund | Apr 05, 2024

A good Los Angeles DUI attorney may recommend hiring an "expert witness" to assist with your DUI case.  An expert witness is an individual with extensive expertise in a specific field, obtained through education, training, and professional experience.  A good expert can explain facts and provide informed opinions on medical, scientific, or environmental factors relevant to your DUI case.  The expert may be able to see flaws in the prosecution's evidence, which will weaken the case against you.  In some situations, your DUI lawyer may recommend hiring an expert witness during the pre-trial stages.  This will allow them to prepare a report that can be submitted to the prosecutor in support of the argument to dismiss or reduce the DUI charges.  In other situations, if the case does not resolve, or get dismissed, the expert witness will be hired to testify on your behalf at the trial.

While an expert witness is not necessary in every DUI case, they can be extremely helpful in certain cases. DUI cases often present complex scientific evidence related to blood tests, breath tests, and toxicology.  There are several different types of experts that may be needed to assist with your DUI case.  For example, when the blood test result is in dispute, a toxicology expert can analyze the results and point out any flaws or inaccuracies in the testing that could have negatively impacted the results.  Similarly, a breathalyzer calibration expert can review the breath test machine records to determine if the machine has been properly calibrated and was working properly at the time the breath test was performed.  In some cases, there are questions about how the police officers conducted the field sobriety tests (which make it appear that you failed the tests, but in reality, you did not).  A FST expert can evaluate how the tests were performed and determine whether or not they were done properly and pursuant to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Standards.  

Every DUI case is different, and the issues presented vary from case to case. If you were arrested for DUI, it is best to hire a DUI attorney.  CONTACT our office today to speak with DUI attorney Robert D. Berglund.  We offer a free and confidential consultation.  Call us today at (877) 667-1205 or submit the CONTACT form to schedule a consultation. 


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