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Berglund Law Office, P.C. focuses on driving under the influence (DUI) and other alcohol and drug related crimes, as well as misdemeanor traffic offenses and traffic ticket violations.  We also handle Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) hearings, including Administrative Per Se (APS) and negligent operator hearings.  Call us at (877) 667-1205 or fill out our CONTACT form to schedule a free consultation.


If you have been arrested and charged with DUI, it is important that you understand the charges against you and what your legal rights are.  California's DUI laws are complex, and sometimes severe.  CONTACT our office today if you have been arrested for DUI.  The last thing that you want to do is show up to Court by yourself without first speaking to an experienced DUI lawyer.  Entering a guilty plea in Court and not understanding the consequences of a DUI criminal conviction may have a detrimental effect on your future.  Criminal convictions can be used against you for future employment opportunities, immigration and travel visas, and child custody orders.  Visit our DUI page on our website for more information. 


If you receive too many points on your driving record over a certain period of time, e.g. four points in a year, six points in two years, DMV will schedule a negligent operator hearing and seek to suspend your driver's license.  If you were arrested for DUI with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher, you will face an administrative action by the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Berglund Law Office, P.C. also handles all DMV hearings.  Visit our DMV Hearings page to learn more.


In addition to DUI, there are a number of other Vehicle Code offenses that are criminal rather than traffic infractions.  Reckless driving, exhibition of speed, driving on a suspended license, and driving without a license are several examples.  Berglund Law Office, P.C. provides representation to those charged with these offenses. 


We also assist individuals that have been arrested for violations involving alcohol and drugs.  With the passage of Proposition 47 in 2014, the majority of possession for personal use or “simple possession” charges are now prosecuted as misdemeanor drug offenses.  However, these drug crimes can still result in criminal records and punishments such as jail time, fines, and probation.  Alcohol violations, such as public intoxication and possession of an open container, can also result in misdemeanor criminal convictions. 


If you have a criminal conviction on your record, for DUI or any other criminal matter, you may be eligible to have the case dismissed from your record.  California Penal Code Section 1203.4 allows a person who has fulfilled the conditions of probation for the entire period of probation to petition the Court to have the criminal conviction vacated and the case dismissed.  In order to have this done, a Petition for Dismissal is filed in the court where the conviction occurred.  CONTACT our office today to see if you are eligible to begin the expungement process.  


There can be many possible adverse consequences if convicted of a traffic infraction violation.  You will have to pay a fine, some violations carry fines of nearly $1,000.  You may also be assessed points on your driving record for moving violations, such as speeding, running a red light, making an unsafe lane change, etc.  Some violations result in one point.  Other, more serious violations may result in two points.  There are even more consequences for commercial drivers. 



Our office specializes in representing individuals facing traffic violations. We represent our clients in both court and at DMV hearings. Your case will be handled with the personalized attention and expertise that it deserves.

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There is no charge for the phone consultation. Our office specializes in representing individuals facing traffic violations. Attorney Robert D. Berglund will personally speak with you about your case and provide you with an honest analysis. Contact us today.