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Redondo Beach DUI Lawyer

Redondo Beach DUI Arrests

Criminal prosecutors for Redondo Beach take DUI cases very seriously.  They often seek the maximum criminal penalties.  If you were arrested for drunk driving in Redondo Beach you will want an experienced DUI lawyer by your side when you go to court.  Berglund Law Office, P.C. is a law firm that specializes in defending persons arrested for DUI in Redondo Beach.  CONTACT our office today if you have been charged with DUI.

DUI Enforcement in Redondo Beach

The Redondo Beach Police Department, established in the 1920's, has jurisdiction within the city limits of Redondo Beach.  They want to protect Redondo Beach's reputation as a safe community for both residents and it's many visitors.  Officers frequently conduct DUI saturation patrols.  DUI checkpoints are scheduled on a regular basis.  

If you are arrested for DUI in Redondo Beach, criminal charges will likely be filed against you.  Misdemeanor DUI arrest reports are sent to the Hermosa/Redondo City Attorney for criminal prosecution.  Felony DUI arrest reports from Redondo Beach are forwarded to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.  If you need a Redondo Beach DUI lawyer to defend you against DUI charges, CONTACT our office today.

10 Days to Request DMV Hearing 

DUI is a criminal offense, not to be mistaken with a traffic violation such as speeding or running a red light.  If you were arrested on suspicion of Driving Under the Influence of alcohol, and your BAC measured a .08 or greater, or you refused to take a breath or blood test, the Redondo Beach Police Department officers likely confiscated your driver's license and issued a pink "temporary" license that is good for 30 days.  You only have 10 days from the arrest date to request a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Administrative Per Se (APS) hearing from the DMV Driver Safety Office.

Driver's License Suspension

If you fail to request an APS hearing, your driver's license will automatically be suspended upon expiration of the temporary license (30 days from the arrest date).  How long your license remains suspended will depend on whether or not you have prior DUI offenses and how many, and whether you refused to take a breath or blood test after being arrested.  CONTACT an experienced Redondo Beach DUI lawyer as soon as possible following a DUI arrest to ensure that your driving privilege is protected.  

Criminal Charges Filed

If you are arrested for DUI in Redondo Beach, a criminal complaint will be filed against you unless the prosecutor declines to file the case due to insufficient evidence (for example, if the blood test result came back well below the legal limit and there was a lack of other evidence that you were DUI).  Most persons arrested for DUI are not fortunate enough to have charges not filed.  A DUI conviction can have a devastating impact on a person's life, adversely affecting employment, finances, child custody agreements, and freedom.  Misdemeanor and felony DUI cases will be filed at the Torrance Courthouse.  Misdemeanor DUI arraignments will be in Dept. 3.  Do not go to Court alone without an experienced Redondo Beach DUI lawyer at your side.  

Redondo Beach

With a population of approximately 70,000, Redondo Beach is the largest of the three Beach Cities in the South Bay.  Like the other South Bay beach cities, Redondo Beach is famous for volleyball, surfing, and sunbathing.  It's beautiful settings have been home to many television and film productions over the years.  The ocean side of Pacific Coast Highway in Redondo Beach has restaurants, beach life, and boating activities while inland of PCH is largely residential.  

Dedicated Redondo Beach DUI Defense Lawyer

If you have been arrested for DUI, CONTACT a skilled Redondo Beach DUI lawyer today.  DUI Attorney Robert D. Berglund will personally speak with you about what happened.  He will ask you to tell him your story and explain exactly what happened, understanding that each and every DUI case is unique in its own way.  This information will allow him to evaluate your case carefully and look for any problems of proof that the prosecution may have in proving its DUI case against you.  Do not delay if you are facing Redondo Beach DUI charges, CONTACT our office today for a free and confidential consultation.  


Our office specializes in representing individuals facing traffic violations. We represent our clients in both court and at DMV hearings. Your case will be handled with the personalized attention and expertise that it deserves.

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