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Super Bowl Weekend DUI Patrols

Posted by Robert Berglund | Feb 09, 2024

The 49ers are playing the Chiefs in the Super Bowl this upcoming Sunday, February 11.  The Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event of the year.  Fans all over the country get together in bars and homes to watch the game together.  Alcohol is frequently consumed at Super Bowl parties.  As a result, drunk driving and alcohol related crashes increase drastically during and after the game.  A 10-year analysis by AAA in 2013 found that there were 75 percent more fatal and injury crashes on Super Bowl Sundays in California than on any other winter Sundays.  The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and other law enforcement agencies are very aware of these facts and will be on heightened patrol this weekend.  Between now and Super Bowl Sunday, LAPD will deploy additional officers for saturation patrols and DUI checkpoints aimed at getting intoxicated drivers off the road.

LAPD has already announced the following checkpoints and patrols:

Friday, Feb. 9

  • DUI checkpoint 6 PM to 11 PM at Van Nuys Boulevard and Vanowen Street (Van Nuys)

Saturday, Feb. 10

  • DUI Saturation Patrol from 4 PM to 12 AM in Hollenbeck Area (Boyle Heights and Lincoln Heights area)
  • DUI Saturation Patrol from 6 PM to 2 AM in South Bureau (West Adams, South Los Angeles, Harbor Area)

Sunday, Feb. 11

  • DUI Saturation Patrol from 12 PM to 8 PM in Van Nuys Area

Expect additional DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols to be set up throughout Los Angeles County.  Patrols will generally run from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m., covering the hours before, during and well after the conclusion of Super Bowl 53.  

Avoid getting a DUI this Super Bowl weekend.  Make plans ahead of time.  If you plan on drinking at all, don't drive to where you are watching the game.  It is easy to lose track of how many drinks you've had, especially when having fun and watching a good game.  If you do not have a friend willing to be the designated driver, plenty of Uber and Lyft drivers will be working on Super Bowl Sunday.  The "surge fares" for rides are small compared to the costs associated with a DUI arrest and possible conviction.  The penalties for a DUI conviction vary greatly depending on whether the driver has any prior DUI offenses and/or whether someone was injured or killed.  At a minimum, a DUI conviction will result in a criminal record, driver's license suspension, court fines, and mandatory attendance in an alcohol education program. 

If you are driving and/or a passenger in a vehicle, buckle up.  Seat belts can make the difference between life and death.  Don't get distracted by texting or talking on the phone.  If you are driving, be alert and drive defensively.  There will be drunk drivers on the road on Super Bowl Sunday.   

Don't let a DUI ruin a great Super Bowl weekend.  If you are reading this too late, and have already been arrested for DUI, you're going to need a good DUI attorney by your side.  CONTACT our office today for a free and confidential consultation.  

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