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How Much Will a DUI Increase My Insurance in California?

Posted by Robert Berglund | Sep 14, 2023

Being arrested for DUI can be a traumatic event and dealing with the aftermath can be worse.  The repercussions are substantial and touch various facets of your life, including an increase in auto insurance. 

One of the most notable outcomes of a first-time DUI is the surge in your auto insurance premiums. Insurance companies categorize DUI offenders as high-risk drivers, prompting an adjustment in rates to reflect this elevated risk.  As revealed by a study conducted by the California Department of Insurance, a first-time DUI can trigger an average premium escalation of 80% or even more.  Adequate preparation for this financial hit is pivotal, urging you to explore avenues to alleviate the burden of escalated insurance costs.  Following a DUI conviction, the state of California mandates the acquisition of an SR-22 certificate of financial responsibility.  This document serves as proof of possessing the minimum requisite auto insurance coverage, and your insurance provider must submit it to the DMV.  A good DUI lawyer can help explain your options regarding insurance and make recommendations that may be able to help you save thousands of dollars.

California boasts stringent DUI laws, subjecting first-time offenders to a spectrum of penalties encompassing fines, court ordered classes, community service, license suspension, and potential incarceration.  Gaining a firm understanding of the legal ramifications is crucial to comprehending the potential consequences.  A good Los Angeles DUI attorney is well worth the cost to help guide you through this process.  Call our office today at (877) 667-1205 or submit the CONTACT form to schedule a free and confidential consultation.  

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