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Driving Without Insurance

All vehicles that are driven in the state of California are required to be insured.  Vehicle Code Section 16028(a) provides "... every person who drives a motor vehicle upon a highway shall provide evidence of financial responsibility for the vehicle that is in effect at the time the demand is made."  This means that if a police officer requests your insurance information, which they always do when stopping a driver for a traffic violation, you must provide it to them.  Proof can be provided by written document (the traditional manner) or on a mobile electronic device, e.g. your cell phone.  Violation of this section is a traffic infraction with a significant fine of over $800 (including the base fine + penalty assessment).  Call us today at (877) 667-1205 or submit our CONTACT form today if you received a citation for driving without insurance.

Dismissal if Vehicle Was Insured

If you actually had insurance but did not have proof of it with you at the time the officer requested it, you can provide proof to the traffic court later and the violation will get dismissed.  Vehicle Code Section 16028(e) allows the traffic court clerk to take this action if proof is provided.

Employer's Vehicle Has No Insurance

Vehicle Code Section 16028(d)(1) says that if "...the person is driving a motor vehicle owned or leased by the driver's employer, and the vehicle is being driven with the permission of the employer, this section shall apply to the employer rather than the driver."  This means that the driver will not receive the traffic ticket in this situation.  It is the vehicle owner/employer's responsibility to have insurance.  The driver must notify the employer within 5 days of receiving the citation.  

Exchange of Information at Accidents

Drivers involved in a motor vehicle accident must provide the other involved parties with their name, driver's license information, and insurance information.  Refusal to do so is a violation of Vehicle Code Section 16025.  Conviction will result in an even larger fine, usually in excess of $1,200.

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