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Carpool Lanes

As all drivers in California are well aware, certain lanes of the freeway are restricted.  For example, the far left lane of some freeways is marked with a "diamond" shape painted on the surface and on overhead signs.  This symbol means that the specified lane is to be used only by vehicles with a minimum number of occupants (usually two, sometimes three).  Sometimes the restriction is for only certain days and times.  For example, the lane may only be a "diamond" lane Monday through Friday between the hours of 5:00 am and 10:00 am (the morning rush hour).

Carpool Violations

Drivers can be cited for a number of different infractions related to improper use of carpool lanes.  A driver without any passengers will be cited for driving solo in a carpool lane.  Another common violation is for improperly entering or exiting the carpool lane.  There are certain points on the freeway where vehicles should enter and exit.  These areas are marked by a single broken white line (similar to the line that divides the regular lanes on the freeway).  Otherwise, when the carpool lane is separated from the next lane (to the right) by solid double lines it is not permissible to enter or exit the carpool lane.  A driver already in the carpool lane must remain there until the double lines end.  Similarly, a driver to the right of the carpool lane may not enter until the double lines end.  To do otherwise is a violation of Vehicle Code Section 21655.8.

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