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Los Angeles Traffic Red Light Attorney

Two common moving violations are running stop signs and red lights (e.g. not coming to a complete stop).  Law enforcement officers love to issue traffic tickets for these violations.  Officers will frequently position themselves at an intersection looking for drivers that do not come to a complete stop.  CONTACT our Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney today if you have received a citation for either of these violations.


Vehicle Code Section 22450(a) makes it a requirement that a vehicle come to a complete stop if there is a posted red "STOP" sign.  The elements of this code section are: 1) you must drive a vehicle and approach a "STOP" sign; 2) the sign is at the entrance to or within an intersection or railroad crossing; 3) the driver must come to a complete stop at either the limit line, if marked, or a crosswalk, if any, or the entrance to the intersection or railroad crossing if there is neither a limit line or crosswalk.  If a driver fails to come to a complete stop in this situation, he/she will be issued a citation for a violation of Vehicle Code Section 22450(a).

There are defenses to this charge.  If the sign was covered by trees or the driver's view was obscured in some way.  Perhaps the officer's vision was obscured and he did not have a clear view of your vehicle stopping.  CONTACT our office today if you received a traffic ticket for running a stop sign.


This violation is similar to that of running through a stop sign.  Instead of a "STOP" sign you have a "RED" light that indicates the vehicle should come to a complete stop.  Vehicle Code Section 21453(a) prohibits a driver from entering the intersection (by passing the crosswalk or limit line) after the light turns red.  It is important to note that as long as your vehicle enters the intersection while the light is green or yellow, you have not violated the law.  It is not illegal to enter the intersection on a "YELLOW" light.  Yellow simply serves as a warning to drivers that the red light will soon follow.


If you have been cited for illegally going through a stop sign or stoplight, CONTACT our office today for a free consultation.  Berglund Law Office, P.C. has represented hundreds of individuals cited for traffic tickets.  We handles traffic tickets throughout Los Angeles County.  

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