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Fix-It tickets, also know as correctable violations, are tickets that will be dismissed if you show that the problem has been corrected.  For example, if you are cited for having a broken light you can get the light repaired and have the case dismissed.  Similar equipment violations include a broken windshield or no working headlights.  After you get the issue fixed, you need to take the vehicle to a law enforcement agency inspection station (the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has inspection locations throughout Los Angeles County) and have the officer sign your citation stating that the violation has been corrected.  This "Proof of Correction" is then filed with the traffic clerk's office or provided to the traffic court Judge if you already have a court date scheduled.  The violation is then dismissed (usually payment of a $25 dismissal fee is required).

Conviction Still Results in a Fine

Other correctable violations include driving with expired registration, driving without proof of insurance, and driving without a valid driver's license. These violations don't require a visit to law enforcement, but require the updated documentation to be filed with the traffic court.  Although a conviction for a correctable violation is not a moving violation and, therefore does not result in a point going on your driving record, it still results in a fine.  For example, the fine for driving without valid insurance is approximately $800.  It is always best to correct the violation and get the charge dismissed.

Do Not Ignore Fix-It Tickets 

The consequences for failing to respond to a fix-it ticket violation are the same as they are for moving violations.  A Failure to Appear charge will be added to the citation and the DMV may suspend your driver's license.  Call our traffic ticket lawyers today at (877) 667-1205 or submit our CONTACT form if you received a ticket for an equipment violation, driving without valid registration or insurance, driving without a valid driver's license, or any other correctable violation. 

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