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What Happens if I Get a Traffic Ticket in Los Angeles?

Posted by Robert Berglund | May 26, 2022

This is the question that many drivers ask after receiving a traffic ticket.  If the officer observed you commit an alleged violation, he or she would have pulled you over and written or typed the citation listing the violations they claim you violated.  You would have signed the citation promising to respond to it by a certain date.  This is your compliance deadline.  You now have several options.

Schedule a Court Date

On the citation is the court name and address where the ticket will be filed.  You can go to the court location and visit the traffic clerk's office.  Tell them you want to schedule an arraignment date.  You will be given the date and instructed that you must appear on the date and time provided.  Rather than going to the traffic clerk's office, you can also visit the Los Angeles County Superior Court website and schedule the court date.  Two point traffic infraction violations, such as going over 100 mph (Vehicle Code Section 22348(b)), are not eligible for online services.  You must personally go to the clerk's office.  If you want to fight the ticket, you will appear in court and enter a plea of "not guilty."  A traffic trial date will then be scheduled.

Request an Extension

You must respond to the ticket by the compliance date.  If you are undecided about how you would like to handle the ticket and need more time to consider your options, you can request an extension of the compliance date.  You will usually be given a 60 day extension.  

Pay the Fine and Select Traffic School (if eligible)

If you do not want to fight the ticket, you can either go to the clerk's office or the court's website and pay the fine.  If it is a moving violation and you are eligible for traffic school you can select that option as well.  However, by paying the fine you are entering a plea of "guilty."  If you are not eligible for traffic school, or do not complete it by the deadline you are given, and this is a moving violation, one point will go on your driving record.  Your insurance rates may increase and you could face DMV consequences if you have too many points.  Read here if you received a fix-it-ticket.  Some traffic infraction violations are not eligible to be handled online, such as going over 100 mph or littering from the vehicle.

Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney

You can also hire a traffic ticket lawyer to handle everything for you.  First of all, this will save you hours in court.  Second, your odds are better for a more favorable outcome if you have a good traffic ticket lawyer.  Don't stress over the situation.  Let our traffic law firm go to work for you.  Call us today at (877) 667-1205 or submit our CONTACT form.  

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