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What Traffic Violations are NOT Eligible for Traffic School?

Posted by Robert Berglund | Apr 27, 2022

A California licensed driver is eligible to attend traffic school for one violation every 18 months.  There are a couple of great benefits to attending and completing traffic school.  No points will be assessed to your DMV driving record.  There will be a conviction on your record but it will be "confidential."  This means that insurance companies may not be able to view the record of it.  This rule applies to non-commercial drivers.  Commercial drivers who receive a ticket in their personal vehicle may also attend traffic school to prevent a point from going on their driving record.  However, the information is not hidden from insurance companies.  

Not Traffic School Eligible

There are a number of traffic matters that are not eligible for traffic school.  Misdemeanor offenses, such as DUI, are not eligible.  Most misdemeanor traffic violations also carry two points on your DMV record, which will almost certainly result in an increased insurance premium.  There are a number of traffic infractions that are also ineligible, including:

  • an offense that occurs within 18 months of the date of a previous violation for which the driver has attended traffic school;
  • a violation that occurs in a commercial vehicle;
  • offenses with a mandatory court date (for example, Vehicle Code Section 22348(b) (driving over 100 mph);
  • a speeding violation in which the alleged speed is greater that 25 miles over the posted speed limit; and
  • any violation that counts as more than one point.

Also, criminal traffic violations are not eligible for traffic school.  This includes DUI, driving on suspended license, reckless driving, etc.

Non-Moving Violations Do Not Require Traffic School

A "non-moving violation" is an infraction that does not carry any points, e.g. a conviction does not result in points on your driving record.  Common examples of "non-moving violations" include correctable violations, e.g. "fix-it-tickets" and parking tickets.  Fix-it-tickets include equipment violations (broken light) and registration violations (expired registration).  Correctable violations will get dismissed in traffic court if the driver makes the correction (e.g. gets the broken light fixed, renews the registration, etc.).

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